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Current Take Out Menu 04-08-14  Click Image to Download


MEZE BAR   individual meze   3.50  /   platter of five meze   9  bread served a la carte

hot pepper labne, mint sizzle    (gf)
cauliflower & currant tabouleh (df)
turkish-style baba ghanoush, eggplant, caramelized onion, tomato     (gf/df)
whipped feta, sweet & hot peppers    (gf)
beet tzatziki     (gf)
hindbeh— mixed braising greens, fresh herbs, garlic    (gf/df)
brussels sprouts, green olive, walnut & pomegranate  (gf/df)
moroccan-style carrot salad & dukkah      (gf/df)
muhammara — red pepper & walnut purée        (gf/df)
squash skordalia with pepitas   (gf/df)
barley, chickpeas, pomegranate, radish
grape leaves stuffed with rice, dill, pinenuts, onion    (gf/df)

potato kofte, zhoug, spicy radish spoon salad 7.50 df
fried cauiliflower, tahini remoulade, garlic crumb & pepitas 7

tahini hummus, pomegranate-glazed short rib, spiced walnuts       (gf/df)
warm buttered hummus, spiced cured beef & tomato    6     (gf)
(above served with Sofra pita)  (gf if served without pita)
topik – potato hummus stuffed with apricot,  pistachio & winter greens     6     (gf/df)

seasonal greens, watermelon radish, pomegranate, pepitas, cucumber, seared haloumi cheese, apple cider vinaigrette    8.50

changes daily, served with two crick cracks    6

crick-cracks     .50 each  /  six-pack  3
pita bread     1.00 each  /  six-pack  6       df
za’atar finger bread       1.50 each       df

spinach gozleme — three cheeses & herbs    8
spiced cured beef pita —cabbage, sumac onions, aioli 8
butternut squash gozleme – leeks, tomato brown butter, sumac   8
durum – red lentil kofte, spicy tomato sauce, pickled peppers and romaine    8
sausage pita — orange, olives & feta     8
spinach falafel — beet tzatziki & pickles    8
chicken shawarma — whipped garlic sauce, braised greens, pickles    8
lamb shawarma — pickled cabbage & tahini yogurt     10

börek — fresh cheese pie, nigella seed    7
lamb moussaka    7
spanakopita    4
spicy lamb pide     6

earthquake    1.50
chocolate chunk cookie    1.50
molasses   1.25    df
oatmeal cookie  1.25
tahini shortbread    1
sesame cashew bite   1.50
coconut macaroon   1.25   df
maureo, baked halvah filling     1.50
persian graham sandwich with white chocolate and honey 1.50
date almond ma’amoul   1.50
syrian-style shortbread, quince jam    1.25
turkish delight shortbread   1.50
almond-rose cake     7
chocolate-hazelnut baklava     4
pistachio bakalava nest     2
persian love cake  3
fig almond m’henncha     3.50
kunefe, spiced syrup       3
umm-ali — egyptian-style bread pudding    4
honey nut tart     4
meyer lemon tart    4
milk chocolate-passionfruit tart    4

(served until 11:00 mon-fri, 3:00 sat & sun)

morning bun — orange blossom glaze    3
sweet cheese brioche     3
custard-stuffed brioche with amarena cherries    3
pistachio pop tart     3
creme brulee bostock  with jasmine ginger syrup    3
coconut coffee cake with dukkah crumble  3
meyer lemon biscuit    3
simit   2.50   (df)
feta and dill poğaça  2.5
spicy lamb pide 6
greek yogurt parfait – spoon sweets, grano & honey   6
olive oil granola – orange labne & carlisle honey   6.5
egg sandwich — haloumi cheese, feta butter   6.50
— with bacon    7
shakshuka — shirred eggs, tomato-curry broth, zhoug & pita crumbs    7
(gf if served without crumbs and pita)
kuku — persian-style herb omelette, labne, crick-crack crumbs    7
(gf if served without crumbs)
turkish-style breakfast — soft-boiled egg, cucumber, tomato, olives, feta, yogurt & spoon sweets    9
asure – warm grain cereal with chickpeas, pistachios & rose, topped with dried fruit & almonds     5

persian spice donut   2.50
tahini-brown butter donut, salted caramel ganache   2.50
sour cream donut, chocolate glaze, cocoa nib streusel  2
feta & za’atar almond croissant    3
chocolate halvah croissant  3.50

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